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Director MGS

A school is a part of society, where the children can learn social values and develop their personalities. School Of Scholars is doing exactly the same. Along with the good academic background, we are also providing various fields of activities like sports, debate, elocution, quiz, social service, picnic and education tours, which can help the future generation in their development.

abha meghe mam
ajinkya ambarkhane sir

Mr. Ajinkya Ambarkhane

Director MGS

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.' - Margaret Mead. Mr. Ajinkya Ambarkhane believes that school should be a place where kids can discover what they love. These should be the places where kids learn "how to learn", and know to learn the best way. At MGS, students are provided with a technologically enabled learning environment which nurtures their curiosity and involves them in the process of their own learning.

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